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Patients speak about prostate cancer and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Howard Wolfe, Hanceville, Alabama

My name is Howard Wolfe, Jr. I live in a small town in Cullman County, Alabama. I am 60 years old and have been married to Brenda for 34 years. We have been blessed with two sons, two wonderful daughter-in-laws, and five grandchildren.

After consideration, prayer, and consultation, I talked with Dr. Krongrad, which convinced me he was the surgeon who would help me through this. I thank God for directing me to him. As Dr. Krongrad and I talked over the telephone, he worked out the details of time and place. He sent me the required paperwork to be filled out by me and the man who discovered prostate cancer in me, my local urologist.

On August 23, Brenda and I drove our van to Florida. On the 25th we visited Dr. Krongrad's office and were greeted by his very sweet and professional receptionist, Hope. While there, Dr. Krongrad explained everything I was to face, answered my questions, and set the procedure in motion for the 26th. At this time, I was more convinced than ever that he was the right surgeon.

Surgery took place shortly after noon on the 26th. I was admitted to the hospital that evening, where I spent a restful night. The next morning, I asked the nurse if I could get out of bed and walk. She said yes. What a relief to walk down the hall and back. It felt GOOD! A few hours later, I was dismissed from the hospital.

After returning to the hotel, I slept until evening. While I slept, Brenda went down to the beach. When I got up, I saw her outside the widow, put on my pajamas, and walked out to her. We sat on the beach for an hour.

Recovery continued that week and on the 30th, I helped Brenda drive back to Alabama. All had gone well and after about ten days I removed the catheter. Now I really felt good. We resumed all our activities and shortly after that I got my three-month PSA back at 0.1 ng/ml. I got the same result at six months and at one year.

I am writing this for anyone diagnosed with prostate cancer. Do yourself, your wife, and your family a great justice and talk with Dr. Krongrad and his staff. You can call and thank me later. Just do it.

I have friends who have chosen other ways or surgeons and later said "I wished I had talked with Dr. Krongrad before I had the procedure done." I'd be happy to talk with you myself. Just ask for my number.
Howard Wolfe - Alabama